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Get The Most Powerful DFY Cloud Backlink
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Month-To-Month DFY English
Cloud Links Service

Virtually The Most Powerful Backlinks On The Planet For Just $1!

The Following Premium Add-Ons Are Available For Extra Power!

“The Following AddOns “DO NOT” Come Standard With Any HITLinks Plan”

$350 /mo

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Month-To-Month DFY English
Cloud Links Service

The Most Powerful Plan We Offer!

Virtually The Most Powerful Backlinks On The Planet For Just $1!

The Following Premium Add-Ons Are Available For Extra Power!

“The Following AddOns “DO NOT” Come Standard With Any HITLinks Plan”

$1000 /mo


Month-To-Month DFY English
Cloud Links Service

Virtually The Most Powerful Backlinks On The Planet For Just $1!

The Following Premium Add-Ons Are Available For Extra Power!

“The Following AddOns “DO NOT” Come Standard With Any HITLinks Plan”

$650 /mo

Need HITCloud To Create A Customized Solution For You?

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We provide the best for your business needs

HITCloud is able to Get You Bigger Results In Your Marketing In Less Time. Save Time & Money Doing It. Leverage Powerful Automation & A.I. So You Can Focus On The Bigger Picture.

HITCloud Ai is already revolutioning SEO by helping both beginners and expert SEO users alike to generate SUPER high-powered websites, do-follow backlinks, and full-fledged websites that you can use over and over again, and creates these APEX Predator websites and links for you on some of the world’s largest authoritative websites IN JUST MINUTES!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

HITCloud is a proprietary new SEO software developed by guys behind Microsoft’s Azure Machine-Learning Platform and IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence.

They’ve teamed up with arguably the best SEO team on the planet to create the SEO’s “dream software”, to get rankings like nothing I’ve seen in the past 10+ years online.

It creates powerful mini-authority sites in ANY niche and hosts them on cloud platforms, with domain rankings anywhere from 50+ to 90+ right out of the box.

Each site is decked out with high speed performance and security, total niche thematic relevance, up to 50 pages of human-level content written by a proprietary A.I. (which wipes the floor with services like Jasper and Article Forge, because HITCloud’s A.I. can be tested with ANY A.I. tool and passes with a 99% human test outcome. You can do that with anything else on the market!).

Each site generates its own rankings, backlinks and traffic due to the structure, the quality of the content and natural authority right out of the box.

In short; it’s a software to create the most valuable backlinks you could wish for – on demand… and in the right hands, will generate millions of dollars in traffic and profit.

HITCloud gives you the power.

“HITLinks” are the high-powered cloud links created by HITCloud sites. 

While you can technically use the HITCloud software to create HITLinks yourself (i.e. Links with unbeatable authority, niche-relevance and SEO metrics)… 

“HITLinks” is a standalone service offered by the HITCloud guys, to build these links for you, using all their know-how and mastery – so you can just focus on getting paid.

It saves you from having to learn and master the software yourself – you can skip all that and just enjoy the results! No effort… and super, super, super cost-effective (see further below).

It depends who you are and where you’re at.

For the busy SEO agency owner – you’re buying your life back.

You no longer have to spend hours doing SEO that generates lesser results.

You can instead, get all that work done in 5% of the time and spend the rest on getting bigger, better, more pleasant clients… with case studies, guarantees and confidence that allow you to command higher fees and retainers… OR… simply enjoy your life with much more time!

For the independent SEO practitioner, you still get all the above – but the real power is in having access to the links that send a site to the top of Page 1 because nobody else can touch it. These are incredibly powerful and now YOU can have them.

So in that sense – it’s really about the pure traffic and profit you can generate for MUCH less time and cost.

It’s SEO… You’re going to be able to build or have access to the most powerful ranking structures in the world – on demand.

So use them to rank $10,000+/mo websites, get traffic, make sales and enjoy profits.

Get bigger, better, higher paying clients – charge $2,500/mo minimum. 

Conquer niches. Show off a bit. Pull stunts and make some noise (just don’t tell them how you did it! Magicians never reveal their secrets!)

Any way SEO’s make money – you can make more of it now.


Think about it… the exact methods used to build PBNs have been known to Google for over 10+ years… you can be sure they already know about this.

They are yet to have found a way to close down PBN structures altogether (excluding the sloppy ones) and I doubt that’ll happen tomorrow.

This method is even more difficult for Google to counter (and less known).

It would require shutting down some of the biggest sites on the internet and that’s simply not going to happen (lawsuits, anyone?)

Google is a powerhouse of propaganda, don’t let them scare you…

As long as your client/money site provides value, you’re going to be getting results like never before. For a long, long time.

These sites are clean, fast, secure and high quality content-rich – everything Google wants and everything The People want.

A Private Blog Network (PBN) link is simply a link from a website under your control (or under the control of whoever you’re buying it from).

For a long time these were the most powerful links you could access, because they could be made niche relevant and built to be higher authority than standard links.

Cloud links are similar; except hosted on massive authority Cloud Platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Oracle and many more…. Giving them immense domain authority right out of the box (far beyond 99% of any PBNs)

HITCloud Links take it even further…

They are built in a certain specific way for ultimate niche relevance, user-friendliness, value and optimization – to extract all the power of the cloud, into your SEO.

HITCloud is also first to give you access to 25+ Cloud Platforms – more than ANY other software on the market.

Sure. Good luck!

For a more complete answer – Yes, you could in theory – but you’d have to:

… design and build out the sites yourself…

… using the format appropriate to each cloud platform…

… create and format 50 pages of high quality long-form content…

… structure the pages perfectly…

… structure the site perfectly…

… interlink perfectly… 

… include all the details and embeds precisely… 

… and a few other nuances to get full impact.

You could probably do one each week if you really haul ass. Won’t count cost.

Or you can use HITCloud and get all that done to the highest standard in 15 minutes with 50 pieces of content, that not only pass all A.I. test with a 90%+ certainty, but are all created with HITCloud’s proprietary A.I. system.

HITCloud access gives you access to the software to build these power sites.

“HITLinks” access gives you access to the links these sites can provide you.

The HITCloud Team builds the sites on your behalf and you simply tell them where you want the links to go, your anchor text and that’s it!

In 99% of cases – HITLinks will give you the biggest bang for your buck and save you the most time… it’s for when you just want to RANK!

You don’t have to learn or master the software and can scale up faster at a better rate of profit. You should only really try to get the software if you think you can produce better links than the guys who built it!

Yes, of course.  We do this all the time.

You can ALSO use them as powerful Tier 2 links (and blast them with Tier 3 links as well for even more juice). 

Calling it a swiss-army knife of links is a bit silly… swiss army howitzer sounds more like it!

Remember, these links are built on top of some of the most trusted sites on the internet. They’re invincible and ultra-valuable.

Probably not.

It’s still a good idea to follow standard SEO best practice and certain tools can help with that.

This is just going to push the needle (or shoot it out of a cannon) more than anything else you’ve likely ever seen.

Link diversity is still useful and important though.

On page optimization is important.

Web 2.0s and Press Releases are still useful etc.

In some cases – yes, HITCloud or HITLinks may be all you need.

But since you’re going to be saving so much on content, writers, outsourcers, links etc and making more profit in the process… no reason not to make life even easier by investing in a few other great tools as well (we have some recommendations, just ask!)

Yes – most people CANNOT tell the difference between HITCloud A.I. Content and content written by an SEO Expert with deep niche knowledge.

That’s because the HITCloud A.I. is built and trained specifically for ultra-effective SEO use cases (which includes positive user engagement signals) vs. pure ‘anything goes’ fluff content to fill space, which is comparatively weak.

Accordion Content

Public pricing (which is by application only) is $2,000 to $5,000 per month.

And it will make many times that much every month for anyone who knows how to use it!

However, because I have “connections” I’ve managed to secure us some invitations at 50% off – plus optional quarterly pricing which offers its own 33% discount.

Yes – so you should probably use the HITLinks service, but in comparison to all the other tools, that even try to do what HITCloud does, none of them come with content, automation, the ability to submit to Google News with a 98% certainty, the availability to create 64 sites at the click of a button, have all it’s content pass A.I. testing tools with a 99% certainty, etc!

Bottom line, we all know the old adage, “You Get What You Pay For”, and with all the features that come standard in HITCloud, you are going to save thousands of hours of you, and your team’s time, and thousands of dollars in overhead being able to use just one tool!

It’s only not expensive (or the greatest offer you’ve ever seen) for people who immediately “get it” and know exactly how to build sites as well (or better) than the guys who designed it.

The guys who designed it, by the way, are some of the best SEOs in the world, combined with some of the best developers in the world.

So again – for 99% of people, the HITLinks service is going to give you the biggest results for the best price and completely eliminate any manual effort.

Yes, much cheaper in some cases.

They require you to create all the content yourself, which means creating, managing and publishing approximately 5,000,000+ words before you’ve built out a full stack of sites as per e.g. HITCloud’s Professional Tier.

There are cheaper A.I. content tools out there as well – where the quality of the content is worse and not as well optimized for search engines OR humans, so engagement signals drop across the board (i.e. weaker results).

Beyond that, even with the newest ChatGPT, all the content you are going to get will not pass a A.I. test.  If a software can see it’s A.I. generated content, don’t you think Google will be able to too (Obvious Sarcasm Here)? But, with HITCloud, 99% of our A.I. generated content will pass any A.I. test with a 98% certainty of being human! This facet in and of itself is going to save you thousands of dollars in overhead, and thousands of hours in overhead!

There are also tools that’ll let you build even more sites, but when it comes to cloud stacks; quality beats quantity and you only need a few to take over an entire niche, typically.

There is always a trade-off.

By going cheap, you sacrifice a lot more of your time, a lot of the quality, a lot of results AND… by putting so many extra hurdles in place, you make it less likely you’ll extract maximum value.

You might be able to mitigate some of this by hiring and training some Virtual Assistants, but even then you’re trading money for time and simplicity – while still making the sacrifice on quality and results.

So it all exists on a scale.

HITCloud is the premium solution; for those who value time and simplicity above all else… i.e. those experienced enough to know, that’s what moves the needle more than anything else.

Of course then there’s the HITLinks service; the exception that proves the rule. You get maximum quality and results at the lowest price available anywhere.

One Dollar Per Link Per Month.


Yes. That’s Right.



You should be!

In this case though – it’s simply a matter of having built a tool that can create immensely powerful websites in a very short space of time (i.e. minutes) to the highest standard.

Increased supply typically decreases price… 

So a link that would be worth $200 – $1,000 anywhere else…

… can now be created in minutes and given immense authority immediately.

And because the HITCloud team is on a bit of a mission – they decided to charge $1/Link/Month.

It’s going to help you rank websites faster and higher than ever before.

With more time, you can focus on making more sales, getting more clients, developing more funnels, creating more offers, starting new projects… or simply enjoying life and being fresher and more energetic for any work you do from there.

With greater results, you’ll see more traffic, have more confidence, close bigger and better deals, attract big and better clients and opportunity and so on.

All of which gives you more money and more time, at your choosing.

Yes there will.

You mean…

… on top of getting the most effective SEO done in minutes instead of hours or day?

… on top of having a software that can create the most powerful links on the planet?

… on top of having access to more cloud sites than anything else on the planet?

… on top of reducing your fulfillment time and costs by 90% or more?

… on top of being able to produce higher quality content faster than ever before?

… on top of being able to transform the fate of your business, perhaps your life?

… on top of being on the ground floor of a shift that’s going to change SEO forever?


You’re also going to get access to the mastermind community and ongoing training by the top SEO experts on the planet – and not just in using the HITCloud Software or HITLinks themselves.. .but in all areas of SEO and developing your business.

Just follow the prompts here… 

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Excited For You To Get Going

P.S.– Only a few hours left to get your invitation-only access before it closes. If this message is still up, we still haven’t filled all the HITCloud Software spots open!

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